Lab No. 4 Hope is a good thing Shawshank Redemption Movies Quotes In A3 (16.5" X 11.7") Poster

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Shawshank Reclamation the most appraised film on imdb, holding the first position in imdb main 250. Our individual respected motion picture, with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman gazing. This motion picture is about Andy (Tim Robbins) as a broker, who is denounced for killing his wife and serves a life time detainment at the Shawshank jail. There he meets a detainee and jail bootlegger, Red (Morgan Freeman) and becomes a close acquaintence with him. Andy communicates that he wants to flee from the jail, yet Red cautions him by expressing that trust is a perilous thing. At the end Andy persuades Red that "Trust is a decent thing may be the best of things and awful thing ever passes on". Keep your trust illuminated by having this notice as an adornment at studios, lounge room or blessing it to your beloveds.

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